Next gen cyber security that’s revolutionary priced

One significant frustration for CIOs, CISOs and senior IT professionals charged with data and system security is that, while there are many solutions on the market that provide tools for monitoring and detecting threats, most are prohibitively expensive and often out of reach for small businesses with limited IT and information security budget.

This results in a situation where you know that a breach is inevitable and you know that the security solutions your organisation deploys are inadequate, but you’re unable to put in place the tools that are proven to offer the best protection. Instead organisations continue to reinforce the perimeters of their networks but, as it has long been recognised in the world of cyber security, building ever-higher ‘walls’ is, by itself, a fool’s errand.

The fast-evolving nature of the threat and the wide range of both internal and external threat actors means that firewalls and anti-virus software alone are, at most, only ever part of the solution. Network security managers need to accept that, at some stage, their network security is likely to be breached and that the key is identifying, understanding and mitigating that breach as quickly and accurately as possible.

Affordable monitoring and detection solutions

One part of finding an affordable solution is to raise awareness and information security education within the organisation. We have seen many examples in recent years where an attack has not been because a hacker or cyber criminal has fired a ballistic weapon at an organisation’s perimeter fencing, breaching the firewall or AV software. Instead they’ve breached the network like a Trojan horse, invited in through infected devices or software, social engineering or phishing campaigns.

Many organisations have dramatically improved security training and awareness programmes to help staff spot threats and take appropriate action. No doubt this is having an impact, reducing breaches in a relatively inexpensive way. However, threats evolve, mistakes are made, security procedures become out-of-date and the sheer volume of attacks means that these kind of breaches are still inevitable.

Therefore a monitoring platform that delivers a next generation Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and an accompanying 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) that’s easy to deploy and priced for SMEs and the enterprise, is something to get excited about.

Our solution, which is delivered through our own BroadBot monitoring platform, addresses many of the pain points security and IT professionals face. We have developed it to be deployed quickly and easily, so that you can monitor your entire network in sufficient detail to detect threats at an early stage and quickly instigate the right mitigation activity to take place. Our solution can be used by organisations with limited in-house knowledge and experience, and provides in-depth monitoring and reporting to key decision makers and security strategists.

Service is critical

Choosing the right security solutions is one thing, but onboarding and customer service is another. Many technology providers sell a product out of the box and then expect customers to use it with very limited support. invinsec is different. Not only are we continually aligning our products with the changing threat landscape, but our expert security team work with customers to ensure our solutions fit their specific needs. We tailor our solutions to individual customers, such as by delivering alerts in a way that takes into account their resource levels and capabilities. We partner with our customers, rather than simply operate a transactional business model.

We aim to provide security solutions at affordable prices, but also provide the level of service you might expect from more expensive technology providers. While we have a fixed price for our products, we will recommend tailored improvements and innovations to ensure our customers have a solution that works for them: at no additional cost. We think this approach is fair to our customers and brings its own rewards to our business – allowing us to innovate and do things better.

Find out more about our BroadBot platform and SOC service.

by Andy Samsonoff, CEO, invinsec



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