BHSF case study

BHSF, one of the country’s leading health and wellbeing providers, has chosen invinsec as its cyber security partner. invinsec differentiated from the competition because of its guaranteed fast response times, precept of building long term partnerships and the provision of a comprehensive and competitively priced technical solution. Only invinsec was able to provide a service that could be deployed quickly and tackled all of BHSF’s needs.

The Client

BHSF is a market leading not-for-profit supplier of health insurances, employee benefits and HR support services with philanthropic roots, and has a proud history that dates back to 1873. The company is run for the benefit of its policyholders and does not have shareholders.

Today, BHSF insures 375,000 people through 225,000 policies. It also provides corporate clients with HR and employee wellbeing services. Its 3,000 client organisations include some of the UK’s biggest names – Mondelēz International (formerly Cadbury’s), Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Police, Argos, General Motors and Homebase – along with many hundreds of SMEs and smaller businesses.

The Challenge

BHSF wanted to better protect against potential threats and give customers peace of mind by improving the security of its buildings and staff, software and hardware – providing protection 24/7, 365 days of the year.

In addition, for corporate clients in particular BHSF needed to respond quickly and provide reassurance on complex security questions, so it was important to partner with a cyber security provider that could adapt to a fast-paced environment.

The Approach

invinsec quickly deployed its cyber security solution across BHSF’s UK offices, which included a full SIEM and SOC service. In addition, invinsec is working with BHSF to develop and introduce alerts on wider security issues. For example, should a power outage occur or a CCTV camera stops working in any part of BHSF’s organisation or buildings, a security alert will inform staff who can immediately take remedial action, if required.

The Results

BHSF has a robust, reliable SIEM and SOC solution and, because invinsec has its own in-house designers, developers and strategists, the team has the ability to answer all of BHSF’s corporate client queries within just a few days. Other SIEM providers usually take 14-28 days to answer these types of questions because they need to go to several different departments to obtain the information. invinsec has also devised simple, yet multi-dimensional solutions to some of BHSF’s wider security needs. And BHSF has just one contract, at one agreed price, for all of these services.

“The security of our business and customer response times are really important to us.

Any delays in replying to corporate clients could undermine their confidence in us and damage our reputation. We were very impressed with how quickly invinsec understood our needs and how they consistently come back to us with detailed responses in a matter of days rather than, as some companies quoted, two to three weeks.

As this level of customer service is included in the contract, there have been no hidden surprises or additional fees.”

Adrian Hope
Chief Information Officer


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