Threat Intelligence Report: VPNFilter

We have been made aware of a new type of malware. The exploit, called VPNFilter, can be used to render an infected device inoperable by deleting the files necessary for normal operation. VPNFilter is a multi-platform and multi-phase exploit, it has a diverse range of capabilities which include credentials stealing and traffic injection. Read the full report to find out more.

Name of Exploit


Type of Exploit

Malware, credential theft, exfiltration of data (specifically documents), credit card credential capture

How Exploit is Spread

The malware is spread via email attachments that contain a word, excel or pdf document with malicious macros embedded within that downloads payload.

Global Risk

Low – the strain of Malware has only been observed attacking specific mail lists. The details of the mailing list are set for a very narrow set of companies, specifically within the following industries: Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations and Retail industries.

Download the full report


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