Threat Intelligence Report: Vega Stealer

We have been made aware of a type of malware called ‘The Vega Stealer Malware’, which is a variant of the ‘August Stealer’ malware. This threat contains a credential stealing functionality which is targeting saved login credentials and credit card details which have been specifically stored in Chrome. The malware is spread via email attachments … Continue reading Threat Intelligence Report: Vega Stealer


Top 3 Most Common Cyber Security Mistakes Businesses Make

Businesses used to worry about break-ins. But now, criminals are more likely to come in through your inbox than a side door or window late at night. Cyber criminals want your data, your customer’s data, bank details, sensitive financial information and intellectual property.

Threat Intelligence Report: Syn/Ack

We have been made aware of the latest form of ransomware to threaten organisations. SynAck ransomware adopts a new technique to infect computers - the ‘Doppelgänger’ approach. With the aim of infecting systems and encrypting victims’ files, SynAck uses this approach to transform files in order to bypass and avoid detection from anti-virus software. A demand is then made for a fee in order to release the files.

Threat Intelligence Report: FacexWorm

The invinsec Threat Intelligence Analysts have discovered a new malware exploit that is being seen on the web (researchers first discovered the exploit in August 2017 and immediately after, it was removed from the Chrome Web Store). In April 2018, researchers discovered a repackaged version of the malware with a few tweaks which had the additional capability to steal Facebook, Google and Cryptocurrency credentials amongst others.

Whitepaper: Managing your security monitoring requirements using invinsec’s next generation intuitive Security Operations Centre (SOC)

We’re pleased to present our intuitive Security Operations Centre (SOC) solution built to exceed the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)’s security monitoring requirements, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Center for Information Security (CIS) Hardening Standards. Our cloud based SOC solution, using our BroadBot platform, is central to the cyber … Continue reading Whitepaper: Managing your security monitoring requirements using invinsec’s next generation intuitive Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Where’s the magic in Gartner’s quadrant?

Every year Gartner publishes its Magic Quadrants covering numerous markets within the technology sector. In February, Gartner released the Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide; an area that we, as cyber security service providers, are particularly interested in. Managed security services covers a broad range of service providers, consultants and vendors. It is Gartner’s … Continue reading Where’s the magic in Gartner’s quadrant?

BHSF case study

BHSF, one of the country’s leading health and wellbeing providers, has chosen invinsec as its cyber security partner. invinsec differentiated from the competition because of its guaranteed fast response times, precept of building long term partnerships and the provision of a comprehensive and competitively priced technical solution. Only invinsec was able to provide a service … Continue reading BHSF case study

AI and cyber security – does it exist?

Many of our customers have been asking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: asking whether AI tools exist that can protect their businesses more effectively than conventional cyber security solutions. AI is very much a buzzword in IT and security at the moment, there’s a vast amount of potential in this technology and businesses … Continue reading AI and cyber security – does it exist?

Next gen cyber security that’s revolutionary priced

One significant frustration for CIOs, CISOs and senior IT professionals charged with data and system security is that, while there are many solutions on the market that provide tools for monitoring and detecting threats, most are prohibitively expensive and often out of reach for small businesses with limited IT and information security budget. This results … Continue reading Next gen cyber security that’s revolutionary priced